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Attacks on Labor are Destabilizing the American Economy

Deep Learning!  Laws harming working families are not passed because they make sense for society as a whole. Benefitting only the masters of capitalism, they're written into law thanks to well-funded misinformation campaigns, the propagation of fear, and a divisive jingoism.

READ THIS Important Piece HERE (7 Minutes)

Opposition to organized labor is well funded and constantly on the attack against the workers' movement. They're so good at it too. So good, in fact, that many Americans believe their case for eliminating prevailing wages, passing scam "right to work" laws, or eliminating the minimum wage. 

Regardless how well crafted, reasonable and appealing their Trojan Horses appear, every challenge and strategic battle that ends up reducing workers' rights has hastened the decline of Western civilization and led to the growth of a societal cancer, inequality.

CLICK below to read an important piece from one of our nation's highly respected and professional writers. 

The Decline of Labor, the Increase of Inequality

"...If, in subsequent years, union membership numbers don’t increase dramatically, workers' paychecks aren’t likely to increase very much either. Between the end of the Second World War and the early 1970s, the American labor movement was one of the reliable signposts that defined the parameters of American life. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that these signposts of our culture, economics, and politics are continually fading, even as we assume they will remain planted deeply in our social soil..." READ MORE!

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