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(Political Update #5) State Budget (HB2)

Sisters and Bothers,

The 2016 legislative session has finally reached the mid-point and it looks like House Appropriations and Finance has finally pieced together the FY ’17 budget, which passed committee yesterday and will make its way to the House Floor for debate and consideration. 

As many of you recall budget estimates reached roughly $280 million in new dollars last fall, but because of the swift decline in oil and gas prices those estimates took a significant hit and estimates now sit at $30 million in new money.

Remember, Saturday we Rally and Lobby the Legislature to protect #OurJobs! Click the Pic to RSVP

Senate Finance Committee members need to hear from AFSCME members NOW! see below for phone numbers

The FY ’17 budget does not include an across the board raise for state and higher education employees, but it does include about $5.7 million dollars for the Department of Corrections to address low compensation and high vacancy rates.

Even though we are extremely excited about the priority in this budget to address the serious issue with regard to low pay and high vacancies in the Department of Corrections, this budget does not address many of the same needs in other state agencies.

Instead of investing the resources needed to address basic public services and the critical issue of high vacancies and low pay across all of the state agencies, Governor Martinez and the Republican controlled House of Representatives would rather continue the failed policy of massive tax cuts for out-of-state corporations and the wealthy.

Just because the budget passed committee today, and will most likely pass the House Floor in the next few days without any raises for state and higher education employees, it doesn’t mean the fight is over.

Please call the members of the Senate Finance Committee and ask them to support the compensation package for Department of Corrections, but to also support the rest of the state and higher education employees. All public employees deserve a decent wage!

Chair - Senator John Arthur Smith (D) Deming,
505 986 4365

Vice Chair - Senator Carlos Cisneros (D) Questa,
505 986 4362

Senator Sue Wilson Beffort (R) Sandia Park,
505 986 4395

Senator William Burt (R) Alamogordo,
505 986 4366

Senator Pete Campos (D) Las Vegas,
505 986 4311

Senator Carol Leavell (R) Jal,
505 986 4278

Senator Howie Morales (D) Silver City,
505 986 4863

Senator George Munoz (D) Gallup,
505 986 4371

Senator Steven Neville (R) Aztec,
505 986 4701

Senator Nancy Rodriguez (D) Santa Fe,
505 986 4264

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