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AFSCME: Highway Maintenance Workers Win Victory Years in the Making

 Many NMDOT Maintenance Workers Win Raise


Following a multi year campaign by AFSCME members at New Mexico Department of Transportation, wages have been increased for some personnel. Career employees who were earning below the midpoint in their salary range have received up to a 10% raise intended to bring them up to midpoint.

New Mexico State Government's compensation structure has been lagging behind surrounding states for years at most every agency.

Until recently, the Martinez administration had only addressed that problem by hiring new workers at an inflated and higher rate of pay.

While this solution works just fine for those entering public service for the first time, it's been responsible for a huge decline in morale among career public employees.

While new employees are recruited using a "temporary recruitment differential", the state personnel board rarely approved "retention differentials" for the men and women who have dedicated their careers to New Mexico.

The result, veteran snow plow driver of 15+ years can be training a new green employees just out of school who earns 3-4 dollars more an hour.

See this AFSCME Story from 2013 when NMDOT appeared before NM State Personnel Board to sound the alarm. ["NM Department of Transportation Wage Disparity Fueling Crisis in Morale and Operations"]

NMDOT employees appreciate the move which put extra money into their pockets beginning December 26, 2014.

Thousands of other state employees are living under the same scenario. From CYFD to Corrections, AFSCME members continue to speak out and demand their agencies respect the work AND the worker, by compensating them fairly for longevity and experience!

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