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Gov M, "Believing in NM and A Better Tomorrow" STARTS with Respecting US!


It is time the Governor put her PAY-PLAN Team on mandatory O/T, just as many other state employees are assigned every week. A higher priority is warranted. Checks must be calculated and mailed.

Govenror Martinez broke her long silence on the back pay issue on KOAT news CLICK HERE. Notabley, the Governor says, "It's extremely complicated."

Mandatory overtime and worked weekends are becoming the norm due in many sectors of state government due to high vacancies and huge workloads. AFSCME sees no reason that the Governor should not call on the skilled pay-plan team at SPO, DFA, and DoIT to increase its hours on the project.

Higher urgency is warranted to pay off the substantial balance owed to New Mexico's career public servants.

The Union Members of AFSCME have won in NM’s highest court. Over 10,000 of New Mexico’s finest public servants and / or their families, must be paid back now.


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Dear Governor Susana Martinez,?


We're living in the 'new normal', of constant OVERTIME and stress! Public Employees are regularly working O/T and weekends because you tolerate high vacancy levels by prioritize budget savings and questionable tax cuts over safety and respect for the workers' voice.

If 72 hour work weeks are good enough for union employees who safeguard NM children, operate our prisons, and do so much more to run our state, then they're good enough for the skilled personnel at Department of Finance Administration, Department of Information Technology, and State Personnel.

We call on you to put your pay plan team on overtime until the calculations for the judgement are finished and the checks go out.

You talk about "believing in New Mexico” and that “tomorrow will be better than today," but we are the New Mexicans who need believing in, and we've waited over 2,000 tomorrows for the money you've delayed.

In August '13 you said we could expect pay by December, December turned to March, July, and then August. Now, even as you say September, we must hesitate to believe it’s the truth.

We understand the calculations are many, but the issue is simple: Respect. Get to work so you may tell union members that the back pay judgement is behind us.

AFSCME Member / Tax Paying Citizen

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