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Little Movement on Back Pay: AFSCME Remains Vigilant

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Rumors Are Flying, But Not Checks

Union Requests for Information are Slow in Coming

Communication channels between the State and AFSCME continue to bottleneck at State Personnel. During the October State Personnel Board meeting, AFSCME Council President Patrick Gutierrez and Executive Director Connie Derr protested the slow pace of the disbursements and urged the board to prioritize the work.

Personnel Director Najaka indicated that the calculations were proving more complex than initially thought, and that a schedule for running more special payrolls would be posted in early November.

A special payroll was run on October 30th, but not announced in advance. Dates stretching into 2015 have been floated, but a schedule for those payrolls effecting approx 6,000 current and former state employees was not published as promised.

Out of patience, member driven protests are popping up across New Mexico. Click HERE to watch KVIA El Paso coverage of Southern New Mexico Union Employees taking their grievances to the street.

One question was answered, IF you received a check stub that detailed a lump sum payment, BUT DID NOT receive the actual check, send your SHARE ID number and a note to [email protected]

Further, a smorgasboard of requests for detailed information on the back pay remain unanswered.

  • HOW MANY, and WHICH employees have received checks?
  • WHO are employees to contact if they suspect a mistake has been made?
  • WHEN will employees without SHARE ID numbers confirm they're eligibility for a check?
  • WHAT are the dates for running special payrolls, or
  • WHAT is the contractors estimated time frame to complete calculations?

Membership calls have been mounting, demanding AFSCME Council 18 take the Governor back to court and seek sanctions and enforcement orders. Despite the globally felt frustration over the delays, AFSCME's legal team continues to believe that a court action would be lost, result in significant delay, and only allow State attorneys to break out the red tape. This could change in an instant if AFSCME learns that checks have been deliberately delayed for political or retaliatory reasons. Incompetence on the administrations part is not strong enough grounds for a court order

AFSCME has Inspection of Public Records Requests pending regarding details of the back pay issue and the contractor who was hired to validate the calculations. Through that information we hope to discover where the hold ups lie.

Please contact AFSCME if you hear a rumor or substantial information regarding distribution of the back pay AND continue to contact the Governor's Office (505) 476-2200, and State Personnel Legal Counsel (505) 476-7759 to request answers to questions we've posed above.

Council 18 hears your calls, and shares your deep frustration. Help us keep the heat on.

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