AFSCME Council 18

-- At What Price??

 Message From Connie Derr, Executive Director, AFSCME Council 18

Today, City of Albuquerque Mayor Berry showed his contempt for city employees by imposing the city’s last, best contract offer. While the city’s last offer includes AFSCME’s hard-fought 3% increase for city employees in AFSCME locals 624 blue collar and transit, 2962 clerical and 1888 security, it eliminates many fundamental worker rights.

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The primary attacks on workers’ rights --

1.) the city can now fill a vacancy by an outside applicant over a city employee;

2.) The language allows the city to bring discipline against an employee regardless of when the alleged activity occurred;

3.) The city no longer will have to inform an employee when he/she is placed under investigation – is extremely dangerous for all city workers. The administration is now able to target any employee and build a case for termination, regardless of when the act occurs. The city’s language disregards the value that city of Albuquerque employees bring to their job day in and day out.

To now give outside applicants the same preference as a city employee is a disservice to the taxpayers, the public services we provide and most certainly, to city employees.

By taking the action to impose their last, best offer, the Mayor, CAO Perry and the over-paid management consultant, John Martinez, have buried their head in the sand to the time-honored practice of contract dispute resolution: arbitration.

Arbitration allows a neutral, third party to decide contract disputes. The city’s action of unilateral imposition of a contract is NOT collective bargaining. Clearly, the administration must realize that if they agreed to arbitration, their contract could not be justified and therefore took the position of a bully and imposed the contracts on our three unions.

Brothers and Sisters – let’s appear en masse at Monday’s City Council meeting, at 5:00pm, to let our elected officials see and hear us. Let’s tell them that we deserve our wage increase, but do not deserve having our workplace rights stripped from us.

We must ask them to support contract impasse arbitration now!! And also call KOAT-TV 7, KRQE-TV 13, and KOB-TV 4. Whether you are a city worker or not, tell them that you support the 3% wage increase, but do not support Mayor Berry stripping public employee workers of their deserved rights.

Together we must STAND UP for workers’ rights!! We will not be bullied by Mayor Berry, Rob Perry or this administration.

Enough is enough!

In solidarity, Connie Derr, Executive Director
AFSCME Council 18


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