AFSCME Council 18


On April 25, Council 18 filed yet another Prohibited Practices Complaint (PPC) against the State of New Mexico. This PPC is a result of the State’s recent refusal to provide to AFSCME the necessary information regarding our represented members.

For decades, the State of New Mexico complied with its statutory duty to provide the bargaining unit information to Council 18 so it can discharge their duty of fair representation.

The information includes names, positions, tool numbers, pay scale, home address, and worksite data, including all basic information for the union to be able to monitor its bargaining unit.

Now, the State decided to quit providing the information. “This is just another petty, mean-spirited action by the State,” said Connie Derr, executive director of AFSCME Council 18. “The State Personnel Office has to go out of its way to alter its data files to exclude information we are entitled to receive. We implore them to focus on the backpay computations and quit demonstrating their contempt for state employees.”

CWA has filed a similar PPC against the State for the same actions. The Public Employees Labor Relations Board will set the matter for hearing soon.

Without access to public information on our bargaining unit, AFSCME stewards have a difficult time representing members and defending union rights as protected by the contract.

Recently, AFSCME mailed out an enforcement piece informing state employees about their rights under the union contract and obligations to pay union dues.

Because the state withheld data on our employees, many individuals are receiving the mailing who are supervisors, on probation, or no longer employed in the union bargaining unit. A great deal of trouble has ensued.

Perhaps this is Governor Martinez's intention; state employees frustrated and confused about their union status instead of staying focused on delivering services to New Mexico Citizens.

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