AFSCME Council 18

Injunction Granted by Judge Malott in NM Second Judicial Court

Mayor Berry Likely to Take Back 3% Raise in Retaliation

Following four years of fruitless negotiations costing taxpayers big money in litigation and the hiring of private consultants, Judge Malott has ordered the City of Albuquerque into a 90-day mediation with AFSCME where an agreement must be hammered out. 

In granting AFSCME's injunction, the city is prevented from imposing unfavorable terms and conditions contained in their final offer, imposed September 14, 2014.

Connie Derr, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 18 said, “this is an unprecedented action for the courts to have to take, it shows that the city’s labor management relations ordinance (LMRO) is truly broken, and must be fixed.”

Even though the administration has a number of legal mechanisms that could allow them to maintain union members' long overdue raises, the administration indicated their desire take away 3% in pay from City Employees within minutes of the Court's order.

“We view Mayor Berry’s intent to take away the raise as not only mean spirited, but clearly politically motivated,” said Casey Padilla, President AFSCME Local 624, blue collar and transit union.

Reacting to the administration’s intention to immediately take away the raise, Deb Rainaldi, President of AFSCME Local 2962, clerical and technical union said, "I guess when you've been on the low road so long, it's difficult for the administration to see themselves climbing back onto the high road and showing some respect. This is their choice, it isn't what the Union fought for. The administration is retaliating for today's loss in Court."

Today's ORDER from NM Second Judicial Court - Judge Malott


CLICK HERE for the background and to read the entire TRO 

Show up October 20 at the ABQ City Council meeting, support AFSCME’s efforts to amend the LMRO to include mandatory arbitration during contract impasse disputes.


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