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Goal of RTW Laws: End Unions as We Know Them, Empower Corporate Special Interests

 "Right to Work" in the news lately. Turn down big$ corporate background noise, here's what the debate is really about…less freedom for workers, not more

RTW laws make it easier:

-for Corp CEO's to avoid paying benefits
-for Corps to engage in downsizing, constantly reminding those who stay that "they're lucky to have a job."
-treat the workers who make CEO success possible like numbers who are easily replaced
-destroy unions as we know them, tip the balance more in corporate favor at expense of middle class

RTW laws are pushed by CEO's of multinational corporations who care about profits and mistreat workers, they count among their ranks toxic polluters like Koch brothers, Wall Street Banks. RTW laws would eliminate unions as we know them, cause MORE jobs to be shipped overseas rig a tax system in favor of the rich, demand more of employees while treating them with even less respect.

RTW WILL put more pressure on a struggling middle class, eliminate job security, lower pay for workers, result in LESS freedom and flexibility for people to spend time with family and the things that really matter in life.

In the states that have RTW, statistics show lower pay ($5,000 less) for employees and higher unemployment rates.

Labor's Role:

-prevent more tax burden from falling on the middle class
-end tax cuts for companies shipping jobs overseas.
-make sure the super rich pay the same tax rates as a middle class family
-protect workplace and public safety
-fight to crack down on corporate polluters who violate our health and safety laws
-ensure more respect for workers
-fight against efforts to turn full time jobs into part time jobs with lower pay and benefits

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