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  • Bernalillo County Supervisors Join AFSCME!
  • San Miguel County Lieutenants Voting NOW to Join AFSCME!  
  • State Corrections "Officers' Voice has Impact!"
  • Proposed State Furloughs Strengthens AFSCME Power!


Bernalillo County Blue-Collar Supervisors Go Green!

On May 5, Bernalillo County blue-collar supervisors were officially certified as the latest AFSCME Council 18 local union! The Bernalillo County Labor Board unanimously approved recognition of the unit after an agreement was reached between the county and AFSCME Council 18 for the 24 supervisors.

"The majority of us have dedicated our careers to this county," said Brad Zellner (pictured), heavy equipment shift supervisor and one of the lead members of the organizing committee. "While we give 100% to the public service we provide, our work needs to be respected. Standing as AFSCME, our voice will now be heard."

Council 18's newest local, AFSCME Local 3908 joins five other AFSCME local unions in Bernalillo County -- Metropolitan Detention Center Officers Local 2499, Bernalillo County Juvenille Detention Officers Local 1536, Bernalillo County Blue Collar Workers' Local 1461, Bernalillo County White Collar / Technical Employees' Local 2260, Bernalillo County Court Security Officers' Local 1661.

San Miguel County Detention Lieutenants Voting NOW to Join AFSCME!

Following a majority of union cards being signed and submitted to the New Mexico Labor Relations Board, a mail ballot election is currently underway to determine if San Miguel County Detention Center Lieutenants wish to join AFSCME.   If the majority of the lieutenants vote "YES!", they will join their fellow Detention Center employees in AFSCME Local 3103.

San Miguel County fought to prevent the officers from joining the union, arguing that the Lieutenants were excluded from the right to collective bargaining because of their job classification. A hearing on the matter was held on March 21 by Public Employee Labor Relations Board Hearing Officer Tom Griego. Based on the evidence presented, the hearing officer ruled that the officers job description did not make them "managers" or "supervisors", as defined by the state Public Employee Bargaining Act; and therefore, the officers are eligible to organize.

Election ballots have been mailed to each eligible officer by the PELRB and must be returned (postmarked) to the PELRB by May 22, 2017. Ballots will be counted on May 26, 2017.

Shift Issue Engages Statewide Corrections Officers in Local 3422 Facilities, Building Membership

Close to 500 Department of Corrections officers participated in a vote at their respective state prison facility on a heated workplace issue: hours of work. The DOC had proposed a plan to move all security staff to the 12 hour work day schedule (four days on, three days off), but it was not well-received at all facilities. The DOC agreed to abide by the vote of the membership.

AFSCME Council 18 and the leadership of the facilities held meetings in April and May at the facilities to discuss the pros and cons of the 12 hour shift, with the membership subsequently voting the issue up or down. Central, Southern and Springer correctional facilities voted to remain on the eight (8) hour schedule. Roswell and Western correctional facilities will change to the 12 hour shift.

"We work in the most vital and under-recognized professions. Making sure our officers voice has impact and fighting for our rights defines our union," said Officer Richard Lakey, vice-president of AFSCME Local 3422 Central sub-chapter.

Understanding the benefits of membership, 66 corrections officers joined AFSCME Local 3422 statewide in order to vote!


Governor Martinez Threatens Furloughs; State Employees Strengthen AFSCME

When Governor Martinez stated her intention on April 24 to furlough employee, state employees saw it for what it is: a political "movida." In response, AFSCME leaders began holding statewide worksite meetings, from Albuquerque to Las Cruces, from Santa Fe to Las Vegas, from Silver City to Taos.

"Employees across the state are understandably angry," said Connie Derr, executive director of AFSCME Council 18. "Governor Martinez is once again jeopardizing public services and unnecessarily threatening the financial stability of those who provide the services. The Governer did not take the legislative session seriously or respect the bi-partisan supported budget."

READ State Personnel's Furlough Letter to AFSCME


AFSCME response HERE

Statewide and from department to department, the overwhelming top two issues raised by state employees is the high vacancy rate and unreasonable caseloads and/or workloads.

Coupled with the administration's complete lack of understanding and compassion for the citizens of the State of New Mexico, state employees know that their voice through their union, AFSCME, is ever so important!  

Help Your Co-Workers JOIN THE UNION Here.

State employees pack conference rooms statewide to discuss Governor's unnecessary proposed furloughs and issues impacting the delivery of services.




Make your voice heard! If you haven't attended an AFSCME meeting at your workplace, contact your local union president, call 505-266-2505, or email to set up your workplace meeting.



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