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Delay Upon Delay, When Will State Workers See Back Pay?

 Pay Plan Update 3/4/2014

Will it Be March? Maybe.

When will we get our back raises and retroactive pay? That is the question on everyone’s mind. Until recently, when retirees or former state employees called the State Personnel Office to ask about a time frame for pay back, SPO was giving out the cell phone number for AFSCME Communications.

Nothing would please AFSCME more than to have those answers.

Time is Flying By Governor!

On our last update, we reported that the ball was in AFSCME’s court, as Mike Messina, our Int'l Labor Economist, dissected the state’s math formula to see if all the right people were going to receive the correct amount of money.

Messina found some errors. After talking through the changes with staff of SPO and NM Department of Information Technology, the state has rewritten the computer code to correct the errors.

The State Pay-Pan Team will now retest the revised code, requiring several phases. Anyone familiar with the SHARE system won’t be surprised to hear that several glitches were encountered during the first round of testing.

AFSCME was told last in early February that additional staff have been assigned to work on the pay plan and that testing would be complete within a few weeks. As of 3/4/14, AFSCME has received no word from the pay-plan team 

The ball is in the state’s court. As reported in the previous update, the state has stated it would take “a matter of weeks” to pick a pay period and adjust the salaries up after the computer code was rock solid.

So, best case scenario, the state could be prepared to adjust our salries UP in mid March.

Communications with the state have been sporadic. The state apologized that the legislative session has them swamped. AFSCME members are hard pressed to have any patience or sympathy for Governor Martinez who has dragged this settlement out for the entire three plus years of her administration.

As for the lump sum checks that will account for five years of stolen wages, the state reports that they are working with Legislative Finance and House Appropriations and Finance Committees to make sure the budget contains funding for an RFP to hire an outside vendor who will do the heavy lifting and calculate those 11,000+ retroactive paychecks.

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