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BackPay: Gov Martinez = ZERO Transparency ZERO Respect

Engineered Chaos or Epic Incompetence?

State Fabricates Excuse, Throws USPS Under the Bus!

This was supposed to be THE WEEK when everyone finally got paid! That is what the state said, and asked AFSCME to tell its members.

So, what happened to all those checks and the $30 Million owed to NM State Employees?

Why did the state remain silent and allow hopeful Union members to panic and become furious this week?

The State seemingly had no intention to share ANY information!

Thanks to Union member action, we have an explanation, and it sucks.

The State claims that the post office will allow them to mail 200 certified mail pieces a day. AFSCME called the USPS and three mail houses and nobody had ever heard of that rule before. Seems like the State made it up.

Richard "Smiley" Martinez, Statewide President of National Association of Letter Carriers, said, "the United States Postal Service is capable of mailing all the checks out at once. The State is having the USPS clerks fill out all the forms one at a time, instead of using their own postage machines."

Susie Romero, New Mexico Congressional District Liaison for the National Association of Letter Carriers said, "I'm shocked, if the State wanted to place blame for the checks not going out, they should've picked someone that the Union couldn't have gotten hold of, ISIS maybe. We'll deliver a coconut if it has a stamp on it."

Moments ago we received word from the state that the 2nd (and expectedly FINAL) special payroll was derailed by regular payroll.

The state offers little explanation for what went wrong, and why the second batch of checks didn't include everyone. SPO now says that additional special payrolls will be necessary to complete delivery of back pay to every employee owed.

Here is what we received from the state personnel this morning:

"...The second special payroll was successful; however, we were cut off by regular payroll, so there will have to be additional special payrolls. We will let you know as soon as the next special payroll is scheduled.

There are approximately 1600 warrants that are in the process of being mailed. The post office will only allow the state to mail 200 certified pieces of mail per day.

Central payroll issued uniform guidance to the agencies regarding check distribution. Again, agencies are to distribute the warrants as they normally would (via hand-delivery or mail). After two days, the agencies are required to return the warrants to DFA for safekeeping and for mailing via certified mail.

With regard to questions about whether the amounts are correct, as I mentioned in my September 26, 2014, email, the amounts are correct and they have been validated...."
We do not consider a partial second batch a success. And we're not prepared to agree that the calculations came without ANY errors."

The State's answers only raises more questions.

  • Why was the second payroll not final?
  • Why did the State throw the USPS under the bus?
  • Why did the state wait so long to tell everyone that the checks wouldn't be on time?
  • Despite uniform guidance, why are wildly varying distribution plans in place from agency to agency?
  • How long must we expect to wait?

...and the obvious question, does Governor Susana Martinez have any respect for her public employees?

November 4th is the chance
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