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Susana Doubles Down - Fires off clumsy demand to negotiate furloughs


READ Furlough-letter exchange between State Personnel and AFSCME online below, or download at bottom of page. 

"Hell no," AFSCME demands an actual proposal and state's evidence justifying furloughs prior to discussing the Governor's reckless, unnecessary and politically motivated plan for cutting state worker pay. Lots of info in this email!

It s all happening in real time. Please click-through to read articles in this email and then...

CALL the Governor at 505-476-2200 to tell her, "No Furloughs! No More Cuts!"

In this update:


Unions question need to furlough state workers

April 25, 2017 - Andrew Oxford, Santa Fe New Mexican

Gov. Susana Martinez is taking the next step toward furloughing state employees after warning that New Mexico could run out of cash before the budget year ends in more

Read SPO Letter:

SPO Furlough Plan Letter 4-24-17 Scribd




AFSCME Response Letter to SPO Furlough

April 25, 2017 AFSCME Response to Furlough  Scribd



Read More: AFSCME guest columns make the case that furloughs are low blows!


As in medicine, the first rule of budgets is “do no harm.” New Mexico’s budget is already significantly lower in real dollars than it was a decade ago, and the number of state employees providing core services has been slashed by about 25 percent...READ MORE

Commentary: State Furloughs aren't necessary


Requiring five unpaid furlough days means that an average state employee will have $1,000 stripped from his or her pocket over the course of eight weeks. If the bluff is real, then this cut will hit just as summer plans are being made. It also means the work of the state goes into cardiac arrest. There are already 4,300 vacancies on the books across all state executive branch agencies...READ MORE


CALL the Governor at 505-476-2200 to tell her, "No Furloughs! No More Cuts!

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