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Governor Martinez’s Lies, Booze, and Bottle Chucking are Small Potatoes

Abuse of Public Safety System is the Real Crime


So you say you're disappointed in Governor Martinez for her behavior at her booze fueled annual staff Christmas pizza party? Big deal. AFSCME isn't terribly surprised that our Governor appeared inebriated at her party, nor can we claim shock that she was caught in a lie trying to cover for her rambunctious guests who admittedly threw bottles from a fourth floor El Dorado hotel balcony.After dealing with the Martinez administration for going on six years, half truths and invented realities are par for the course in this Martinez administration.

An $8000 holiday party using taxpayer dollars does outrage AFSCME members at a time when so few have so much, and so many have so little, but it isn’t exactly fresh outrage. Truly, the past six years have been one big party on the taxpayer dime. From the $30 million outsourcing of NM behavioral health to Arizona cronies, or contracts profitizing education by forking over tens of millions to testing companies, the mismanagement of tax dollars is day to day reality.

The primary misdeed for which Governor Martinez should be raked over the Christmas coals is her bullying of a 911 Dispatcher and Santa Fe Police Officer. Her decision to intervene wasted their time, and potentially delayed service for citizens experiencing actual life or death emergencies. It was an inebriated and indulgent power play. When the Attorney General looks into the events of “pizza-gate” it will be this abuse of power and a violation of Governor Martinez’s own state employee code of conduct that warrants scrutiny, not whether she had one and a half or five drinks over the course of an evening.


Quick public service announcement for all you holiday revelers. #TheMoreYouKnow #PizzaGate #Governor #Martinez #NewMexico #NewMexicoTrue #NMPOL

Quick public service announcement for all you holiday revelers. #‎TheMoreYouKnow #‎PizzaGate #‎Governor #‎Martinez #‎NewMexico #‎NewMexicoTrue #‎NMPOL 

Certainly, Governor Martinez owes Hotel Lobby staff and security a sincere apology for berating them into revealing the identity of the El Dorado Hotel guest(s) who complained about a noisy early morning party. But the upscale El Dorado Hotel is already geared for dealing with indulgent guests whose revelry crosses the line. Guests pay top dollar for the privilege of having hotel staff tolerate this sort of celebratory behavior.

Every citizen, including the Governor, has a responsibility to understand and respect our emergency services system. Law abiding citizens simply don't call 911 without a clear and present danger or threat to people’s well-being. Further, once 911 has been contacted and public safety personnel have been dispatched, any respecting citizen, buzzed or not, should know better than to phone 911 dispatch and argue over the reasoning for their decisions.

In the coming weeks, we expect to hear plenty about how Governor Martinez deserves reprimand or consequences over the events of that night. No question, her bully behavior wasn't dignified and brought all of New Mexico down on the national stage. But the most severe transgression deserving of consequences was her violation of her own state code of conduct and the abuse of our emergency services system.

AFSCME represents 911 dispatch and public safety officers across the state. The duties that our members, and other public safety officers, faithfully and efficiently perform have an affect on the outcomes of life or death emergencies. Governor Martinez’s cavalier abuse of that system using the power of our state’s highest office is not excusable via a speedy staff written apology. Her actions demand consequences.

As any other State of New Mexico employee will tell you, this type of behavior would result in speedy disciplinary action for anyone other than one with the power to ignore the rules.


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