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UPDATE State Pay-Plan: AFSCME "Cautiously Optimistic" for Back Pay in 2013

AFSCME State Union Members Closer to Receiving Back Pay

Following a meeting on August 14 with the general counsels from Governor Martinez' office as well as the StatePersonnel Office, Council 18 is "cautiously optimistic" that the reimbursement of AFSCME union members underpayment is on track.

In the meeting with Countil 18 attorney Shane Youtz, Council 18 President Patrick Gutierrez and Council 18 Executive Director Connie Derr, the State assured AFSCME (and CWA) that it had begun the complicated calculations to figure out the back pay for approximately 13,000 state employees. as well as the impact to PERA rates, and pay rates going forward.

READ Background info on Pay Plan Case HERE.

"We do not expect any further litigation from the State that would prolong union members' receiving their just salaries and corresponding back pay," said Shane Youtz. "Union members will also see an adjustment in their PERA benefits."

"The State has asked for time to complete the calculations. We expect union members will begin receiving their repayments within a couple months," said Patrick Gutierrez, Council 18 president. "It's been a long road, but AFSCME prevailed! We can wait a little longer to rectify the years' long injustice to state workers."

Council 18 Executive Director Connie Derr echoed Brother Gutierrez' comments. "This litigation was entirely avoidable. From 2008 until the State Supreme Court decision in May, the State did not understand the concept of collective bargaining. But AFSCME members held strong and showed that a collective bargaining contract is meaningful and legally enforceable."

SPO Director Gene Moser will give an update on the implementation of the Supreme Court decision to the Legislative Finance Committe, on August 23, in Chama. AFSCME members will be on hand to ensure there is no "sleight of hand."

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