AFSCME Council 18

#NMLEG State Wrkrs Speak Out! WE keep NM standing - 20%/wk pay cuts devastate

AFSCME Strong Local 624 Members Louis Montoya, Robert Short, Lawrence Romero sign up new union members 4/7/17 through one on one conversations.

SHARE NOW! In final hour - Governor Martinez rejected the bipartisan budget fix and slashed at job creating legislation with over $700 billion in line item VETO CUTS to state services. Will she now punish hard working AFSCME public employees with a HUGE PAY CUT?

Here are NM state employee petition comments on how we feel about Governor Martinez's proposed cuts. Keep calling the Governor and tell her, "No Furloughs and No More Cuts!

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CLICK HERE TO READ COMMENTS: #NOMORECUTS! State Employees Speak Out! on Scribd

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