AFSCME Council 18

From Horses to Smartphones: AFSCME Council 18 launches full spectrum Political and Communications Strategy for 2015

AFSCME New Mexico began the work to build a more effective communications and political action team on November 15 at the Ben and Carmen Lujan Union Hall.

The training was lead by Josh Anderson, AFSCME 18 Political Coordinator, and Miles Conway, Communications and Mobilizations coordinators. Members were joined by ABQ City Councilors Diane Gibson and Isaac Benton, and NM House Rep Christine Trujllo who acted as trainers to help members learn effective lobbying techniques.

SEE PHOTOS from the Training HERE!

The workshop [ELITE Level 2, Part 1] focused on building workplace and political power through effective modern and traditional communications tools. From the water cooler to cyberspace, workers must get their message our there to win the Day!

The workshop is offered twice a year in Albuquerque, but options are available for Locals to host the workshop in your region, just contact AFSCME by EMAIL to schedule a training for your local or region.

Political Action, Email, Social Media, Online Activism; in some form or another, it is all here to stay. Every New Mexico Local is called upon to identify a designated politcal and communications point of contact and help get them involved in the ELITE series trainings.

We're building a green communication machine in preparation for the 2015 legislative session and beyond.

The communications section of the training reviewed numerous methods by which local unions can communicate with the membership to keep them informed, the ability to inform members and mobilize to action in short notice, reach non-members and move them to membership status, and many other purposes.

The political action section of the training focused on lobbying our electeds -- the how, when, why, where, and substance of the conversations. Lobbying takes place at every level of government where we have members -- with boards of regents and presidents of universities, with city and county governments, and with statewide electeds.

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