AFSCME Council 18

The AFSCME Council 18 Women's Committee

Who Are We? 

As you know, women stand on the frontlines in the battles AFSCME is waging throughout the country. This is especially true here in New Mexico, where our sisters are working tirelessly to protect and strengthen the union.

By joining the Council 18 Women's Committee, you have the opportunity to meet and work with public employees across the state who are dedicated to ensuring that New Mexico will always be a place where women and working families get the voice and respect we deserve.

What We Do!

Some of the issues we're working on include:

Promoting leadership in the union—Women work in many of the state's most important jobs--from public safety officers, to family childcare providers and transit drivers--so we should encourage our members to serve in the union's most important leadership positions, from shop steward to Local Union President

Women in the workplace—As women, we know the challenges the workplace can present. As part of the Council 18 Women's Committee, members have the opportunity to share ideas, develop strategies, and work together to make sure our union is a leader in ensuring workplace equality.

Women's health and community partnerships—With more than 10,000 members across the state, Council 18 can truly make a difference by partnering with those community organizations on the frontlines of the fight against women's cancers and other diseases.

Support for local schools—We know times are touch economically. That's why we're coming together to support local schools and provide students in our communities with the resources and supplies they need to achieve success.

Internal strength and education—As we face corporate-backed attacks on unions across the country, women must ensure our members are involved participants in the fight to preserve our rights and our voice.

How to Get Involved!

Just give us a call at one of the numbers below and we'll add you to our contact list. We meet regularly and will keep you up to date about upcoming events!

1-800-423-0770 or 1-505-266-2505


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