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UNMH Employees Present Petition and Statements of Frustration to UNM Board Of Regents

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

“We have been in full contract negotiations with the hospital since May and it is unclear why a not for profit hospital that is financially doing well, who’s unrestricted net assets DOUBLED between the end of FY 2006 and the end of FY 2011, has 66+ days cash on hand, and plans to build a $146 million new hospital utilizing “internal resources” would not budget for a wage increase for its employees?” stated Nicola Trevisan, a social worker, and staff representative of1199NM, National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees, to the Board Of Regents of the University of New Mexico.

Trevisan, with several other employees presented petitions with hundreds of signatures during the public comment session of the Board of Regents meeting held today at the University.

Employees wanted to inform the Regents and the public of working conditions at the hospital and provide an update on the status of negotiations, and their plans to discuss these concerns with New Mexico House and Senate members during the upcoming legislative deliberations on proposed laws, budgets and expansion relative to the University Hospital and related facilities.

According to a statement by fellow negotiator Roxbury Reid, “the Health Sciences department created a new position for a political appointee. It has been publically speculated that this position was created for a powerful person in the Governor’s office at a substantial increase in pay and probably to curry favor with the Governor controlled Board of Finance which has been holding up action on approval of the UNMH expansion.”

Reid and others felt the hospital hierarchy has made plans for everything, including high paying political appointments, but use the excuse they have nothing left for those who provides direct care to patients.



Further information may be acquired by contacting:

Bill Browne,

Senior Administrative Director, District 1199NM

Email: [email protected]



Nicola Trevisan,

Staff Representative,

Vice President License & Technical

UNMH District 1199NM

Office: (505) 884-7713

Phone: (505) 264-2815

Email: [email protected]

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