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AFSCME Strong in NM's South! Corre Camino AND Superior Ambulance Employees VOTE to form Union!

Corre Camino Busses lined up at 60th Anniversary Salt of the Earth Celebration

AFSCME New Mexico Builds Power in the South

On July 23, AFSCME New Mexico roared into the south by winning two union elections, one in Grant County and one in Roswell, NM.

The first election, conducted by the New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations Board (PELRB) via a mail in ballot, saw Corre Camino, the Grant County Public Transit drivers voting to form their union by a wide margin of victory.

Second, in a private sector victory, Roswell Superior Ambulance EMS workers voted UNANIMOUSLY to join AFSCME and begin to negotiate their union contract. The National Labor Relations Board conducted the two day election.

AFSCME Council 18 organizers were joined by national organizing staff, Iva Jo Peters who worked with the EMS crew to form a strong internal organizing committee.

Superior Ambulance is a large national company. EMS workers have reached out to AFSCME across the country to form their union.

The twin wins come on the heals of Santa Fe County Detention workers' victory and spell success for the AFSCME's effort to become "50,000 Members STRONGER" in 2014. Nationally, AFSCME exceeded the goal of becoming 50,000 stronger and signed up over 92,000 new AFSCME members.

AFSCME New Mexico crushed our initial goal of 500 by signing up over 1,000 new union members. Now, Council 18 has doubled down, and has set a goal of reaching 2,000 new members in 2014.

Barring any challenges, which are not expected due to a high voter turnout and wide margin of victory, the new unions will be certified and requests to begin contract negotiations can move forward.


Superior Ambulance EMS workers following the unanimous vote to join AFSCME

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