AFSCME Council 18

AFSCME Leader Patricia French Takes Helm at PERA Board

        APD career employee and AFSCME Council 18 Executive Board Member, Patricia French has been voted the new Chair of the Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) Board. Ms. French earned the trust of other PERA board members who voted she lead PERA through some of the most difficult changes in its history.

        Ms. French, on the board since 2005, begins her one year term as the legislature takes up bills aimed at putting the PERA fund on track to 100% solvency by 2041. PERA board members have spent over two years working on a plan to protect the fund following a number of devastating market years which saw PERA retirement plan's unfunded liability grow significantly.

        "The plan we've sent up to the Roundhouse has been carefully thought out," said French, "the decisions we made will strengthen the fund for everyone, current and future retirees, for many years to come. You can't make eveyone happy, but this plan puts us on track to achieve sovency by 2041, protecting one of the top ten public pension systems in the country.

     PERA's plan to shore up the fund (viewed HEREcalls on all stakeholders to share in the sacrifice and protect the retirement for all.

        AFSCME Council 18 Board has endorsed the PERA Solvency Plan.         

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