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AFSCME Local 923's Officer Talache in the Spotlight: Resource Officer Helps Keep Campus Peace

(SUNfoto by Lindsey Bright)

By Lindsey Bright
SUN Staff Writer

Thursday, September 5, 2013 10:05 AM MDT

The life of teenagers in Española Valley is spent in large part inside the walls of middle school and high school. What happens inside those walls is known mostly only to the teenagers, teachers and administrators.

There is one other person, though, who is called whenever there is a need beyond what the school can handle administratively. This is the school resource officer for the Española Police Department, Michelle Talache.

“I love my job,” Talache said. “I love going to work in the morning, and I love the kids. Most of the kids are great kids, it’s just that handful, and it’s just their behavior.” 

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