AFSCME Council 18

OIG criminal investigation of SNAP fraud in high gear

UPDATE 11/15/2016 at 4:30PM

Message from your Union

HSD / ISD Employees,
OIG has ramped up their investigations relating to the systematic falsification of assets on SNAP applications to avoid late expedites.
THIS IS A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION: AFSCME strongly advises all member to CONTACT YOUR UNION REPRESENTATIVE BEFORE participating in any interview.
We understand the importance of getting to the bottom of this swamp. It will be unacceptable should frontline workers be scapegoated or held responsible for wrong doing that federal court proceedings revealed was directed from top levels of state government.
  • AFSCME HALL - 505-266-2505

OIG and the USDA are now individually investigating HSD/ISD employees for criminal and disciplinary misconduct.


Because of the nature of these investigations it is imperative that you request union representation prior to going into the interview.
The notification below is what employees are receiving prior to going into interviews.



HSD Stewards, if you are contacted regarding this matter, please call your union President for direction. For more info call 505-266-2505.



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