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The Threats are True, What Do You Plan to Do? #NMLEG

Training is ON! No weather delay. Drive safe and we'll see everyone tomorrow at the AFSCME Lujan Union Hall at 8:00 am.
Come this Saturday! The threats are real. What are you prepared to do to protect your job? Your pension? Your benefits? Your families and the the public services New Mexico relies on? 
SIGN UP - Prepare to be Active During 2016 NM Legislative Session

Pre-legislative session training will give you the tools to remain connected, unified, AND effective at the Roundhouse. New Mexico State elected leaders will be on hand to help us build best practices for effective political action.

If you are a public employee, the upcoming legislative session will affect every aspect of your life. We must ALL pledge and prepare to be more active this legislative session. (beginning Tuesday, January 19) The benefits won over the last two decades will be under attack.


If you are OK with having your benefits rolled back to pre-1980, then sit on the sidelines and do nothing. BUT, if you are ready to fight for your rights, to have a voice in your future, then attend the AFSCME Council 18 Pre-Legislative Session Training.


SIGN UP to Supercharge Your Union Voice

ELITE Level II Part I: Pre-Legislative Session Political / Communications Training

When: Saturday, Jan 9, 2016, 8AM - 4PM (Breakfast at 8)
Where: AFSCME Lujan Union Hall, 1202 Pennsylvania St NE, ABQ 87110
*Open to all members, you do not need to have taken previous classes.

AFSCME Council 18 is dedicated to training the next generation of union leaders and giving you the skills to defend workplace democracy. Please sign up today by  CLICKING here or calling 505-266-2505.

Sign up online or call 505-266-2505
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AFSCME members have the dedication and know-how to help move New Mexico forward the RIGHT way!


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