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Regulation and Licensing Double Down on Bad Behavior

Thomas Griego, Hearing Officer for the Public Employee Labor Relations Board (PELRB), writing in his recommended decision (PPC case 124-12 AFSCME v. RLD) seems to have lost patience with the Regulations and Licensing Department's "unreasonable persistence in punishing union officials" trying to do their job."

Listen to Interview with Jason Davis, [this month's Union Made Member Profile]

 The 19 page recommended decision orders RLD to recognize AFSCME Union Steward and RLD Field Inspector, Jason Davis. The decision follows a long pattern of anti-worker conduct and bullying behavior at the department.

Early in 2010, Davis became a target for management retaliation at the troubled Regulation and Licensing Department. RLD has only recently gotten media attention when a former HR director blew the whistle on department superintendent J Dee Dennis for inappropriately targeting dozens of career employees for termination. In Davis’ case, a mid-level manager began targeting him for “doing his job,” which involved holding industries accountable to New Mexico’s code enforcement standards, and daring to speak up for his and his coworkers’ workplace rights.

Unwilling to address the problems face to face, management had to be dragged before the Public Employee Labor Relations Board by AFSCME twice to protect Davis’ rights. PELRB-published opinions characterize RLD manager behavior as "inherently destructive conduct.”

Following two separate PELRB decisions vindicating Brother Davis and implicating RLD management, AFSCME continues negotiations to make Davis whole and reverse wrongful discipline.

"AFSCME filed three separate charges to correct specific supervisor behavior at RLD," said AFSCME Staff Representative Rob Trombley, “RLD has deliberately misinterpreted previous PELRB decisions, allowing supervisors to continue what we classify as harmful, destructive management style. Some disciplinary actions RLD hands out go against fundamental constitutional rights of freedom we’re guaranteed in this country.”

At a time when NM State Government is reeling from high vacancies, 4 years of pay cuts, low morale, and resulting uptick in instances of harassment and bullying, RLD condoning and rewarding its supervisors unprofessional behavior is especially disturbing.

AFSCME stewards receive more calls from members reporting harassment and bullying than any other complaint. The behavior from management and regularity with which AFSCME is forced to respond with grievances has become par for the course in the halls of state government.

In addition to pushing for new laws that would compel employers to develop policy addressing bullying in the workplace, AFSCME stewards continue to find creative ways to employ the contract to defend employees targeted by bully mangers.

Listen to Interview with Jason Davis, AFSCME Steward and Electrical Inspector for New Mexico’s Regulation and Licensing Department [this month's Union Made Member Profile]

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