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State Narrowly Misses Oct 7 Deadline to Finish Printing Checks....4200 Checks Printed - Only 6,000 to go...BACK PAY!

AFSCME received communication regarding back pay checks from the state today (10/21). In an effort to keep members in the loop we've attached the entire letter below.

[Today's Santa Fe New Mexican - "Official: Over 5K state workers wait for back pay" The state blows back pay big time - now they're blaming hired contractor taking their own sweet time.]

Connie Derr, Executive Director of Council 18 would like to preface this letter from State Personnel by informing members that SPO legal counsel is mistaken in their recollection that AFSCME refused to help distribute the checks. Quite the opposite, in a Spring 2014 meeting, AFSCME offered to distribute the checks to CURRENT State Employees, that offer was turned down.

During a late 2014 summer meeting, the State asked if AFSCME would distribute only the RETIREE back pay checks. The state does not currently share retiree mailing address information with AFSCME, and so, we were unable to accept that offer.

Here is the complete letter received today from State Personnel Legal Counsel:


We were not able to run a special payroll last week. The pending uploads involve more complex calculations, which has required more time for calculation and validation. We are continuing to work closely with the independent contractor to put together a schedule for special payrolls based upon the contractor’s ability to complete the remaining calculations. As soon as I have updated information about the schedule, I will provide it to you and post it to the SPO website. We will continue to run special payrolls as we receive completed calculations, subject to the regular payroll constraints.

To date, approximately 4,200 checks have been processed. All processed checks that were pending distribution were mailed via certified mail the week before last. We do not have a list of these employees; however, we will ask our independent contractor if obtaining such a list is possible. The State has offered to provide the checks to the unions’ counsel for distribution to union members; however, these offers were refused. If the unions had allowed every member to obtain their checks directly from you, check distribution could have been simplified, and you could have distributed them however you saw fit. We are renewing our offer to provide the remaining checks to you for distribution. Please let us know whether you would like to distribute the remaining checks and we will make necessary arrangements.

I’ve attached the check distribution protocols, pursuant to Miles’ request. Future protocols will allow the agencies to hold the checks for longer than two days, unless you decide to distribute the checks.


General Counsel
State Personnel Office


Here is the communication from SPO to HR bureaus regarding distribution of checks: NOTE page one where the state says the special payrolls ending Oct 7 would effect over 10,000 current and former state employees.


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