AFSCME Council 18

AFSCME STRONG Action Meetings Kick Off Friday, April 7, 2017 in ABQ and Santa Fe

AFSCME launches series of statewide actions in face of Governor Martinez's proposed cuts to our paychecks, our jobs, and public services.

See below for list of Friday 4/7 meetings and plan to attend to discuss what's at stake, and how we will fight back to protect our families (more meetings being scheduled across the state)

Contact the AFSCME Union Hall 505-266-2505 to find out when strategy meetings are coming to your town.

Continue to CALL and Take ACTION by signing this petition and oppose Governor Martinez's furlough, 20% a week pay cuts. GOVERNOR MARTINEZ (505)-476-2200

Gov. Martinez' policies are gutting public services. Her reckless tax cuts and loopholes for the rich and out-of-state corporations are bankrupting our state.

She must close tax loopholes instead of taking money out of the pockets of middle class and low income New Mexican workers.

The solution is sitting on her desk. In a strong, bipartisan effort Republicans and Democrats crafted legislation that gets New Mexico out of debt and supports the essential services that AFSCME members provide. Governor Martinez is fixing to waste all that time and effort by calling for an expensive special session, all because of her allegiance to an extremist philosophy that doesn't invest in the vital public services.


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