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Respect, Communication, and State Workers' Back Pay: Msg from Gary King for AFSCME Public Employees

For over half a decade, AFSCME has continued to wage the battle for New Mexico State Employees to receive justice and be awarded back pay promised in their union contract.

For four years, Governor Martinez has spent massive amounts of taxpayer money fighting against, appealing, and delaying that justice.

By refusing to communicate openly on the back pay award, and what delays state employees could expect, Susana Martinez has shown her disrespect toward the workers who provide the public services taxpayers expect and deserve.

AFSCME is pleased to share with you this statement from our endorsed candidate for Governor, Attorney General Gary King. Attorney General King follows the progress of Labor in New Mexico closely. He understands our issues and makes a pledge to stand with us, as we stand with him, to be New Mexico's next Governor.

Read his message to AFSCME members, then click on the link below and find out how you can help Gary King, Deb Haaland, and Labor's 'Warriors for the Working Class' win their elections and take OUR New Mexico forward! 

- August 15, 2014

"I know how hard you work for our state, the dedication you show every day to deliver public services and keep our state running, especially during tough times when resources are scarce. 

I also understand the frustration every public employee feels at having a Governor who won't communicate with you and won't demonstrate the level of respect you deserve for your chosen career in public service.

That is why, as your Governor, it will be my priority on day one to settle the back pay issue and get public employees the money they're legally owed.

Just as important, unlike Governor Susana Martinez, I'll communicate with public employees, so you'll know what progress is being made.

I pledge to sit down anew with the unions representing state employees, find common ground, and negotiate contracts in good faith.

There is too much uncertainty in New Mexico these days. With my leadership, you can be certain to have a governor that respects what you do, and understands the true value and power of team work."


Attorney General Gary King
Candidate for New Mexico Governor

Click Here (PDF) for info on Labor 2014 and make your pledge to help elect candidates who understand and support Labor! 

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