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Get on the Bus - ¡2016 Gracias Bus Tour! - April 28 - MayDay

New Mexico Labor Announces 2nd Annual ¡Gracias Bus Tour!

It takes guts to be a working people's champion. Paying lip-service to the working family agenda is one thing, but when the chips are down, taking votes to protect workers' rights, education, the environment, and progressive tax policy takes true grit.

Pressure is immense to vote AGAINST working family interests and, instead, support an out-of-state, corporate CEO agenda.

That is why NM Labor and our progressive allies are heading out on the road to thank the true working peoples' champions in the most public way possible.

April 28,29,30 and May 1, 2016


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You're invited to get on board the ¡Gracias Bus Tour! and join in recognizing NM elected leaders who put people above politics and consistently take a stand for New Mexico working families.

There will be food, fun, stars, and fantastic films!

Tour will cover five cities in four days to thank legislators, build unity around the progressive agenda, and drum up excitement for 2016 elections Progressive author and political activist Jim Hightower is slated to headline the Santa Fe event.

The tour is sponsored by a wide spectrum of Labor and Progressive organizations, and will begin to educate voters on the importance of the 2016 elections for the future of our state.

“This is a critical year for getting our state back on the right track. Working people, the environment, and basic public services have all faced unprecedented attacks under the control of Governor Susana Martinez and the NM GOP-led House,” said New Mexico Federation of Labor President Jon Hendry. “We’re starting now to make sure every voter understands why it is so important for them to get involved and to put their support behind real New Mexico champions in this year’s election. It’s time for New Mexico families to take our state’s progress back into our own hands.”

Tour Schedule:

Thursday, 4/28 - Las Cruces
Friday, 4/29 - Truth or Consequences and Los Lunas
Saturday, 4/30 - Albuquerque
Sunday, 5/1 - Santa Fe

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