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In a Bow to AFSCME Pressure: Governor Does the Right Thing - Authorizes 3% Raise at CYFD

Youth Care Specialists and Direct Service Employees in Protective Services First to See a Bump in Pay

It took over two years of constantly sounding the alarm, and in the end, a terrible tragedy thrust AFSCME Members' struggle into the public's eye.

CYFD investigators had been appearing before the State Personnel Board and passionately warning the Governor that CYFD investigators were understaffed, over-stressed, and drowning under huge numbers of caseloads.

In January 2013, AFSCME members brought a petition calling upon State Personnel and the Governor to address wage disparity, retention, and recruitment issues creating serious staffing, morale, and public safety concerns.

Following the delivery of the petition, which contained hundreds of CYFD worker signatures, one CYFD investigator warned that "if things don't change, someone, a child, going to die."

Until yesterday, we thought our shouts were falling on deaf ears. But the letters, calls, and emails finally caused the Governor to revisit the issue. She has decided to prioritize the funding, (that has sat idle for years) and will grant a 3% wage increase for current staff effective on the February 21st paycheck.

None of our victories are possible without your participation. Thank you to the AFSCME members who never gave up, and continued to speak the truth about what was happening at CYFD.

The AFSCME bargaining team has already reached out to the Governor and requested to sit down and codify the increase in writing and into the contract.

There are many many classifications that are woefully under compensated. On average New Mexico State Government Employees are underpaid by a whopping 18% when compared to our neighboring states.

This small, but important victory is only the beginning. We won't stop until every AFSCME member who is dedicated to their job in public service is paid a fair and respectable wage that places a priority on retaining the men and women who have dedicated their careers to public service.

KEEP Those Letters Coming to State Legislators and Governor Martinez.



In Unity,

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