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(Political Update #4) Take ACTION - So-called right to work legislation introduced

Senator Mark Moores (R) Albuquerque, introduces so-called right to work legislation (SB 269)

Sisters and Brothers,

Last year, the republican controlled House of Representatives, with the support of Governor Martinez, tried to pass this anti-worker piece of legislation without success. 

Middle class workers from around the state made their voices heard and this year will be no different, we will need each and everyone of you to make calls, SIGN this petition, send emails, and tell your personal stories about how this is bad for you, your family, and all workers.

The first stop for this terrible piece of legislation is Senate Public Affairs Committee. Last year, we were able to stop this bill with the support of strong pro-worker senators.

Please call and thank the following senators that stood strong with all of you last year and ask for their support once again. VOTE NO on SB 269, so-called right to work.

Chair - Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino (D) Albuquerque
505 986 4482

Vice Chair - Senator Bill O’Neill (D) Albuquerque?
505 986 4260

Senator Jacob Candelaria (D) Albuquerque
505 986 4396

Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto (D) Albuquerque?
505 986 4270

Senator Mimi Stewart (D) Albuquerque?
505 986 4856

Please call the following senators, that voted in favor of so-called right to work last year and ask them to please support middle class families this year and VOTE NO on SB 269, so-called right to work.

Senator Craig Brandt (R) Rio Rancho
505 986 4267

Senator Ron Griggs (R) Alamogordo
505 986 4276

?Senator Gay Kernan (R) Hobbs?
505 986 4274

Senator Ted Barela (R) Estancia
505 986 4235

(Senator Barela was appointed to the legislature last year and did not vote on this specific measure)

Again, please be respectful and courteous with your calls. You will probably speak with their legislative assistant.

In Unity!


For more info: go to

Read the latest piece on how so-called right to work legislation harms NM Working Families.

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