AFSCME Council 18

Dec. 3rd FORUM: Future of Hospital Care in Santa Fe

Hospital Healthcare in Santa Fe
A Public Forum


2 – 4 pm

Genoveva Chavez Community Center, 3221 Rodeo Road

Local Hospital Care Providers Need to Hear From AFSCME State, City, and County employees.

According to City of Santa Fe records, employees and the city contribute approximately $20 million a year to the City of Santa Fe Health Fund.

Public employees AND government have an interest in the planning and delivery of services from Santa Fe’s acute care hospital providers.

While hospital officials and bureaucrats may prefer we just send them money and let them figure out what is needed to plan for health care, we have a voice.

Santa Fe City Council, health care advocates, and CHRISTUS St. Vincent have established a Community Hospital and Health Care Study Group to include OUR VOICES in the decision making process.

The Study Group public forum this Saturday, December 3, 2016, for people to offer their opinions, experiences, and suggestions for how to provide a better level of health care in general and specifically at acute care hospitals serving Public Workers and our Families.


Come ask questions and offer your ideas:

  • Safe Levels of Bedside Staff
  • Curtailing of Care at the Hospital due to Insurance Provider Choice
  • Availability and Retention of Hospital and Primary Care Professionals
  • Expansion Decisions by Hospital Board
  • Sale of the Local Hospital
  • Monopolization of Healthcare Services
  • Advertising Dollars vs Care Dollars

Decisions at local hospitals require community input! Millions of local and government dollars being spent to support YOUR local hospital and clinics, you deserve a say.

Genoveva Chavez Community Center  
3221 Rodeo Road  
Santa Fe, New Mexico

December 3rd
Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM  

CHILDCARE provided for children ages 2 – 8

This Forum is Sponsored by the City of Santa Fe’s Hospital and Healthcare Study Group: created by the City Council and Mayor Resolution in 2014

info or questions:

text 505-204-5469
email [email protected]

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