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State Pay Plan Update: MATH the Last Hurdle

It’s good news for NM State Employees. State personnel office spokesperson Enrique Knell confirmed in today’s ABQ Journal front page story that the state is not waiting on a court enforcement order to begin issuing back pay checks.

Instead, Knell confirms that the delay is due to “time-consuming calculations necessary to determine the appropriate pay for each of the estimated 10,000 employees who qualify for a repayment.”

AFSCME members, please talk to your colleagues TODAY and make sure they are full union members. Your non-union member co-workers need to understand just how hard AFSCME fights to support them everyday and over the long haul.

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The State has not committed to a specific timeframe for issuing the back-pay checks, but we’re encouraged that MATH is the sole remaining hurdle.

Read the entire Journal Story HERE.

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