AFSCME Council 18

AFSCME Members Stand in Solidarity with Nurses at St. Vincent

AFSCME members from across New Mexico joined their brothers and sisters at CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center during a rally on June 24th in Santa Fe.

CSV and the nurses are currently in contract negotiations and CSV is proposing to get rid of basic safety enforcement standards, even though our nurses our so committed to safety that they're willing to give up millions of dollars in the next contract to ensure that staffing levels are safe. There are a number of other issues where CSV is, frankly, putting the entire Northern New Mexico community at risk:

CSV continues to understaff the ER (ER waits are up to 24 hours long not because of a shortage of beds, but because CSV is too cheap to staff the ER properly), but magically they were able to raise CEO pay from $257,872 to over HALF a MILLION DOLLARS. A year. For one guy.

They won't staff at safe levels, but to avoid hiring New Mexico union nurses, they hire traveling nurses from Texas and California at twice the price. All while New Mexicans are begging for jobs.

AFSCME Members Stand in Solidarity With Nurses at St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe - Images by Jakob Schiller

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