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"Hell no," AFSCME demands an actual proposal and state's evidence justifying furloughs prior to discussing the Governor's reckless, unnecessary and politically motivated plan for cutting state worker pay. Lots of info in this email!

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CALL the Governor at 505-476-2200 to tell her, "No Furloughs! No More Cuts!"

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Unions question need to furlough state workers

April 25, 2017 - Andrew Oxford, Santa Fe New Mexican

Gov. Susana Martinez is taking the next step toward furloughing state employees after warning that New Mexico could run out of cash before the budget year ends in more

Read SPO Letter:

SPO Furlough Plan Letter 4-24-17 Scribd

AFSCME Response Letter to SPO Furlough

April 25, 2017 AFSCME Response to Furlough  Scribd

Read More: AFSCME guest columns make the case that furloughs are low blows!


As in medicine, the first rule of budgets is “do no harm.” New Mexico’s budget is already significantly lower in real dollars than it was a decade ago, and the number of state employees providing core services has been slashed by about 25 percent...READ MORE

Commentary: State Furloughs aren't necessary

Requiring five unpaid furlough days means that an average state employee will have $1,000 stripped from his or her pocket over the course of eight weeks. If the bluff is real, then this cut will hit just as summer plans are being made. It also means the work of the state goes into cardiac arrest. There are already 4,300 vacancies on the books across all state executive branch agencies...READ MORE

CALL the Governor at 505-476-2200 to tell her, "No Furloughs! No More Cuts!

SHARE NOW! In final hour - Governor Martinez rejected the bipartisan budget fix and slashed at job creating legislation with over $700 billion in line item VETO CUTS to state services. Will she now punish hard working AFSCME public employees with a HUGE PAY CUT?

Here are NM state employee petition comments on how we feel about Governor Martinez's proposed cuts. Keep calling the Governor and tell her, "No Furloughs and No More Cuts!

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CLICK HERE TO READ COMMENTS: #NOMORECUTS! State Employees Speak Out! on Scribd

An entire week of furloughs will save the state (drop-in-the-bucket) $8.5 million, but it means a significant 20% pay cut per furlough pay-period for us. That means less groceries, less ability to pay bills, and, since we all know the work simply stacks up, causing more stress, and more overtime work in the end.

But, she has a sensible and responsible solution right in front of her:



Ask Governor Martinez to SIGN the bipartisan, compromise budget & revenue package that solves the crisis

CALL 505-476-2200


Gov. Martinez' reckless tax cuts and loopholes for the rich and out-of-state corporations are bankrupting our state. She needs to close loopholes and update the tax code instead of taking money away from middle class and low-income New Mexican workers and gutting services to all New Mexicans.
The only reason we have a fiscal crisis is because she is protecting special tax breaks for out-of-state corporations, Wall Street gamblers, and the very rich-- these are tax breaks that regular New Mexico companies and taxpayers don't enjoy.
Legislative analysts have estimated the state should end the fiscal year on June 30 with about $90 million in unspent cash. To the extent they claim an immediate cash problem, the administration needs to find ways to balance the books other than taking 20% of the pay checks of middle class and low income New Mexico families.  There is no need to furlough state employees this year, and we can avert another fiscal crisis next year if the governor signs the budget and revenue bills.

Please call the Governor and sign the petition right now.

Ask Governor Martinez to SIGN bipartisan, compromise budget & revenue package that solves the crisis

CALL 505-476-2200


In Solidarity!

In this update:

  • KRQE's Larry Barker Blows Lid off NMCD's Staffing Shortages
  • 2017 AFSCME Public Safety Blue Breakfast is Strongest Gathering Yet
  • New Mexico Legislature Passes "Corrections and Detention Officer Day at Capitol
  • San Miguel County Detention Center Lieutenants Fight to Join AFSCME


Larry Barker Interviews AFSCME Members: Exposes Dangerous Vacancy Levels at NMCD Facilities


watch KRQE piece

KRQE's Larry Barker showed up for the 8th Annual AFSCME Public Safety Blue Breakfast and spoke with AFSCME Corrections Officers about the dangerous conditions they face everyday

For years, it has been a central focus of AFSCME Council 18 to pressure Governor Martinez's administration to address unsafe vacancy levels inside our state prisons. Working with our legislative allies, we succeeded in raising the pay for the newer recruits in July 2016, but the experienced career officers continue to be underpaid and overworked. This has led to high turnover and continuous high vacancy levels.

On March 20, KRQE aired a "Larry Barker Investigates" piece on the crisis at the state prisons. The public airing on Governor Martinez's neglect of the system puts more pressure on her administration to find solutions.

The Heart Behind the Badge

2017 AFSCME Public Safety Blue Breakfast is Biggest and Best Yet

Around 100 AFSCME members from across New Mexico attended AFSCME Council 18's Eighth Annual Public Safety Blue Breakfast in Santa Fe, at Garrett's Desert Inn, on February 23, 2017.

Opening Ceremony at AFSCME Council 18's 2017 Public Safety Blue Breakfast. CLICK HERE to see photos from this year's event

AFSCME corrections and detention officers, emergency medical professionals, security officers, police officers, sheriff's deputies, 911 dispatchers, and probation and parole officers met to celebrate their rewarding and difficult careers, learn from one another's experiences, hear the latest information on AFSCME's battles for safety, and take political action on issues affecting public safety jobs.

"We gather here every year to build power and demand a higher level of respect for public safety careers from our Governors and legislators," said Connie Derr, Council 18 Executive Director (pictured). "Life has been tough under the Martinez administration, as well as numerous anti-worker counties throughout the state. We will continuing to organize new members into our union and deliver strong representation. If we are to keep New Mexico communities, families, and ourselves safe, then we have no other choice but to keep up the struggle."

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AFSCME Council 18 represents more than 15,000 public employees across New Mexico. We perform many of the state's most important jobs—from childcare providers to corrections officers—and work to make sure our rights, our families and our communities are protected. To learn more about our union and meet our members, please take a moment to watch the following video. 

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