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We invite you to become a full, active, and proud AFSCME Union member. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is made up of 1.6 million hard working and dedicated public service employees, just like you!

Click the links below to complete your specific membership application using our safe and secure online system, OR, download and print membership application.

***REMINDER, you're welcome to join the AFSCME union from day one of your employment, but most contracts will require you to have completed a probationary period prior to receiving all the protections and benefits of your Local Union Collective Bargaining Agreement.

questions: 505-266-2505



State of New Mexico Employee - ONLINE Membership Application [click]







County, City, and NMSU Employee - ONLINE Membership Application [click]



AFSCME PEOPLE - ONLINE Contribution Form [click]


Our mission:

To organize, inspire, and empower workers
to take action at work and in their communities
promote democracy and hold government accountable.

we fight for dignity and respect
to achieve social and economic justice for ALL!

Only AFSCME members have a voice and a vote in union business matters, are able to play a pivotal role as a local leader, steward. and are eligible for member-only benefits.

Our strength relies on active, vocal membership.



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