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The Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) is conducting board elections. AFSCME members have the chance to re-elect one of our own to the PERA Board. Paula Fisher understands the importance of the fund to our families and will continue to be a strong voice for our best interests.

Please read more about your AFSCME endorsed candidate Paula Fisher, look for your ballot in the mail and SEND BALLOT IN ASAP!

Paula Fisher of CYFD has worked hard during her four year on the board, she has been recognized for her achievements in protecting our retirement funds and holding money managers accountable.

PAULA FISHER for New Mexico PERA Board, State Employee Position

Experience - Dedication - Results

  • Current PERA Board Member
  • CYFD Employee for 21 Years
  • President of AFSCME Local 2029
“Paula has been a dedicated board member for the last four years and has worked tirelessly to protect member benefits and grow the pension fund. We are lucky to have her as a strong voice for state employees” - Ken Long, Vice President, AFSCME Council 18

Please look for your ballot in the mail over the next few days and please cast your vote for Paula Fisher. If you have any questions please contact AFSCME at 505-266-2505.

*Paid for by AFSCME, not coordinated with any candidate or campaign.

AFSCME Never Quits, and our VOICES count! ***Prepare for ACTION**
We must stand FOR a healthy retirement system & SAFE careers, and against CUTS, furloughs, or layoffs during Special Session.


AFSCME Never Quits, and our VOICES count! ***Prepare for ACTION** We must stand against CUTS, furloughs, or layoffs during Special Session.

AFSCME expects Governor Martinez will continue to hide from her failed policies during the special session to address $200 million budget shortfall. (see Senate Press Release below)

AFSCME knows that Governor Martinez will want everything on the table as far as cuts go, and she'll fight against fair taxes for the very rich or ending harmful tax loopholes for wealthy out-of-state corporations.

We know this could mean a battle against CUTS, Furloughs, or Layoffs. CLICK HERE to join our political action team. AFSCME will be ready to protect our careers and that means YOUR VOICE!

Please step up and be ready for action by signing up HERE. We must be prepared and vocal in our support for legislators support us, like Leader Michael Sanchez, who always advocates for public employees and services we provide.
Governor Martinez's failed policies of cutting taxes for the very rich and out of state corporations and not investing in vital public services has driven our state budget off a cliff.  Our State University system is weathering severe cuts. Vital services such has behavioral health and medicaid are being starved out. Public safety is being left behind and threatens to make our state less safe. People struggling with poverty have been systematically oppressed as the Martinez administration conspired to rob them of their food assistance.
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"If I'm working in the trench, and a valve blows, I know these guys have my back and will pull me out. Paying Union dues is the same thing...we must have each others backs." - Joey Sanchez, AFSCME Local 624 Board Member & Volunteer Member Organizer

AFSCME Member Organizers Build Membership and Local Power

AFSCME Local 624, Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, Utility Techs, (L to R) Joey Sanchez, Robert Ramirez, Michael Brown

Member Organizers Spotlight

Santa Fe County Detention Center, Local 1413 President, Daniel Solis and Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, Local 624 executive board member and activist, Joey Sanchez are the June / July volunteer members organizers of the month. They've gone above and beyond to build their Local membership, keep rank and file members informed, and help them find pathways for taking action to improve union careers.

Joey Sanchez, Local 624 Executive Board, spent a long time working as a water utility operator before deciding to become active in his union. "I wanted to see more out of our contract negotiations team," says Sanchez. "But how could I blame those guys if I wasn't involved myself?"

Brother Sanchez began attending meetings and earned a spot on the contract negotiations team. That was only the beginning though according to Sanchez. "I began talking about the union at work. I told the guys, 'don't just trust me, trust yourself. Come to the meetings, make sure for yourselves that we're doing our jobs.'" Read more >>>

AFSCME New Mexico Public Safety members helped to produce this documentary about the true spirit of law enforcement in America.


Local 601 President Adam Keck and Local 923 President Sammy Marquez assisted in production for the New Mexico filming, recruited community members to appear in the filming, and appear in the final production.

Proud To Protect and Serve

AFSCME Law Enforcement Documentary

AFSCME Council 18 is glad to share this film with you today in honor of National Police Week, and in memory of dedicated Peace Officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Peace Officers Memorial Day is May 15th.

In Unity


We know that the road has been long, that change has come too slow, and that Income Support Division (ISD) staff are under unacceptable pressures to do their jobs in the face of systematic ambush.

AFSCME has send this letter to the USDA requesting they investigate the systemic failures that have gone unaddressed by the Martinez administration for too long.


CLICK here to READ about the April 28 Court case where New Mexico Center for Law and Poverty is requesting a Federal Monitor to oversee ISD. AFSCME members and ISD staff are under federal subpeona to reveal the truth of what is happening within the system.

Watch this page for updates following the Federal Court hearing.

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AFSCME Council 18 represents more than 15,000 public employees across New Mexico. We perform many of the state's most important jobs—from childcare providers to corrections officers—and work to make sure our rights, our families and our communities are protected. To learn more about our union and meet our members, please take a moment to watch the following video. 

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