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A year long organizing drive culminated Friday, May 1 as members of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFSCME Local 513 Town of Taos employees, voted overwhelmingly to ratify their first contract.

The Friday vote, taking place at Taos Town Hall, was conducted by AFSCME Council 18 representative Chris Armijo and Council 18 President Casey Padilla.

While relations between Taos workers and management had in general been harmonious, employees decided it was time to organize and form their union in order to guarantee workplace rights and benefits with a legally binding and lasting agreement.

“We’ve achieved our goals,” said Richard Vigil, newly elected President of Local 513 and public utilities operator for Taos. “We negotiated for essential workplace rights that were missing, including a grievance and disciplinary procedure that guarantees workers have representation should they face intimidation or retaliation if they blow the whistle on wrong doing.

“We all feel blessed to live in a place as beautiful and historic as Taos. Our union makes it possible for us to advocate for one another with one voice. We’re going to fight that town workers get to share in the prosperity and make sure employees have the tools needed to keep Taos running smooth.”

Also included in the contract is language establishing a labor - management committee, an article protecting employees who become whistleblowers, and annual procedures for negotiating wages and benefits.

Town manager Rick Bellis is expected to present the tentative contract for approval at a council work session next week.


FREE and FUN May Day events begin tonight in Santa Fe.

May first marks a working class holiday celebrated since ancient times around the world. May Day originated in Europe as a festive holy day to celebrate the end of winter and the return of the sun and fertility of the soil.

Our modern version of May Day as a working class holiday evolved from the struggle for the eight hour work day. May 1, 1886 saw national strikes in the United States and Canada for an eight hour day called by the Knights of Labor. Clashes between police and striking workers resulted in many deaths. In Paris in 1889 the International Working Men’s Association declared May 1st a holiday to commemorate those who died in their fight for workers rights.



TONIGHT in Santa Fe: Join in the gala opening for the Santa Fe Labor Film Festival and watch the major motion picture: Cesar Chavez: gala begins at 5:00 PM, 1420 Cerrillos Rd., Santa Fe.

Festival events are happening all weekend and are completely free for AFSCME members.

For more info: go to All events take place at Center for Progress and Justice, 1420 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe

New Mexico Voice of Labor Radio "SF Labor Film Festival Segment" LISTEN online: show originally aired on KABQ 1350AM Progressive Talk Radio

International Workers' Day Picnic and Play Day, Saturday May 2nd

What a year in the fight for immigrants' rights and workers' justice! This year, El CENTRO is going to celebrate May Day a bit differently than previous years, with an informal picnic and play day with our members to celebrate our victories, share a picnic and play together (volleyball, pick-up soccer, frisbee, tug-of-war etc..!). As a member and/or ally of El CENTRO, please join us and free to take your members and families.

WHAT: International Workers' Day Picnic and Play-Day

WHEN: May 2nd, from 11am-2 pm

WHERE: ABQ, Roosevelt Park (Coal and Spruce SE)

We will give away hotdogs, and invite you to bring a dish to share, bring something to grill (feel free to bring a gas grill or you can use ours), and bring your blankets, chairs, and games (balls, frisbees etc....)

Internationally Acclaimed ‘Shadows of Liberty’ Documentary to Make NM Debut at the Santa Fe Labor Film Festival Sunday 5/3 and Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice on Monday 5/4


On MONDAY, MAY 4, at 7:30 PM at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice (202 Harvard SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87106) the Shadows of Liberty Coast to Coast Screening & Media Reform Action Tour will come to town for a special screening sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico, Central New Mexico Labor Council, Central New Mexico Move to Amend, Common Cause New Mexico, DocFactory, KUNM 89.9 FM, the Southwest Organizing Project, and Veterans for Peace.

Santa Fe Labor Film Festival screens Shadows of Liberty Sunday May 3 at 5:00 PM at the Center for Progress and Justice.

Shadows of Liberty is dedicated to the journalists and information freedom fighters, the heroes of our time, who dedicate their lives to our right to freedom of information - the central pillar of a free society. Shadows of Liberty provides a platform for voices that have been silenced and in doing so, attempts to inspire change and accountability. This film champions the idea of an independent media where truth and integrity are the norm, not the exception.

In Unity!

Read the latest NM Works! newsletter for your legislative wrap up, official notification on the 2015 AFSCME People Convention, held May 16 in ABQ.


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January 20th, 2015:

The week of January 12, 2015, the State issued an additional 884 checks, to both current and former employees. To date, the State has conducted six special payrolls and issued approximately 5,800 checks. The next special payroll is scheduled for the week of January 26, 2015.

AFSCME membership continues to seek further information and keep the pressure on to complete the back payments as quickly as possible.'

See the latest update here:

AFSCME Council 18 represents more than 15,000 public employees across New Mexico. We perform many of the state's most important jobs—from childcare providers to corrections officers—and work to make sure our rights, our families and our communities are protected. To learn more about our union and meet our members, please take a moment to watch the following video. 

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